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Empowering Women's  Why does it matter? What are the outcomes?

In 2006, the Economist proclaimed that women are “The World’s most underutilized resource.” Since then, a growing body of research has reinforced the idea that the economic empowerment of women can significantly boost productivity, reduce employee turnover, and promote the sustainable development of consumer markets.

It all goes back to the truth of it all: an educated girl is likely to marry 4 years later, have fewer children, and 15-25% higher wages compared to her uneducated counterpart.

The focus is placed on marginalised women and girls, aiming to equip them with the tools and skills not only to improve their lives, but the livelihoods of their families as well.

Life at KP Solutions is all about bringing confidence to women and girls to protect themselves in the unfortunate and deplorable situation in which they encounter perpetrators.

What We Believe !!!!!
  • We believe that women executives in India have unprecedented and collective potential to break new barriers in the realm of leadership and economic advancement for women and can actively transform our world through many ways – leadership, innovation, science, entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship, education, music and the arts, among others.
  • Founded in 2012, KP Solutions has grown into a vibrant volunteer network of women in HR who connect to create an empowering in-person, and virtual community for one another while supporting women and girls on their career in Human Resource journeys.
  • Many women have had their dreams to become owners of businesses; this platform helps to make their dreams come true.We are paving the way towards a world in which every woman can raise her head without fear or beliefs
  • KP Solutions works with the aim to provide them with a life of dignity and make them independent. Making women self-reliant and independent by giving them rights over sustainable livelihood resources
  • Girls in KP Solutions inspires girls to take charge of their lives and define the future on their terms. It’s a place where girls learn that they can. No limits. No constraints. Only opportunities to be remarkable.
  • This platform further builds on the understanding of women supporting one another for their collective growth. We focus on developing a reasonable support system for women to hold on to their career aspirations as well as maintain a healthy work-life balance.
“If you want to be successful in this world, you have follow your passion, not the pay”

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